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Haveli in Amer Jaipur

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Nestled in the centre of Jaipur’s old Rajput capital of Amber, Surya Haveli lies below the striking honey coloured walls of the magnificent 16 th century Amber Fort. Steeped in history, the haveli’s 300-year-old records have been lost in the mists of time. However, historians, experts and locals say that the haveli, similar to others in area, was most likely the grand mansion of a minister of Maharaja Man Singh I, one of the kings who built Amber Fort.

Surya Haveli's History

Fast forward to 1947 and the haveli was lived in by several different families before being inherited by Thakur Bhim Singh of Rampura and his daughter Madhu Singh. But the property was completely dilapidated and in desperate need of restoration. One evening, while sitting on the rooftop terrace, gazing at the Fort, Madhu Singh decided to set to and transform the haveli back to its former glory.
Taking care to preserve the original features, Madhu called upon specialist restoration artisans from across the country – yet the renovation of Surya Haveli still proved a challenge. Not only was the original building made of lime with no bricks and cement, the builders also had to contend with the roofing, made of gigantic stone slabs from the foothills of the surrounding Aravalli Hills. The installation of the lift was another monumental task, overcoming many hurdles to make sure the lift fitted elegantly into the haveli.
Despite the challenges, the Singhs’ desire and love for restoring the haveli won through – and the family also made some thrilling discoveries. This includes the knocking down of several partitions which revealed the haveli’s original pillars in the dramatic central courtyard – a quintessential feature of grand family mansions, which prompts the eye to be drawn upward to the balconies.
With the haveli progressing, Madhu Singh asked well-known Indian designer, Adil Ahmad, to come on board and do the interiors. Adil – who had already done Madhu’s Sonaar Haveli in Jaisalmer – worked his magic once more, producing a colourful creation worthy of the Maharaja himself. Named after chambers in Amber Fort, the bedrooms are unique in design, view and craftsmanship. Keeping within the colour and culture of Rajasthan, Adil’s specially created wallpaper for each room tells the many stories of Jaipur with Mughal motifs, the tales of hunting days of the maharajas and beautiful pleasure palaces.
Amber’s Rajput architecture is in three different styles, combining Hindu, Mughal and Persian features. Surya Haveli is inspired by Amber and retains this trio of architectural styles – which is only apt with this heritage hotel being right in the centre of Amber. Although the Haveli belonged to Rajput ministers, it has been lived in by both Hindus and Muslims over the centuries. Consequently, the design inspiration is taken from both temples and mosques. This can be seen in the Haveli-style courtyard, the Hindu and Mughal arches and the bedrooms’ beautiful wallpaper which reflects the unity, love and respect for both faiths. After three years of renovations, Surya Haveli opened its doors in February 2021. Named after Amber’s Sun Temple, this intimate luxury boutique hotel is the only place where you can stay and look at the Fort thanks to the haveli’s exceptional location. The heritage shines through from the get-go as you enter via a series of arched doors, with natural light flooding the space through glass windows. The double-staircase is another traditional Rajasthani feature, which can also be found in the temple opposite. Surya Haveli has now restored and returned their heritage staircase to full splendour while the use of local crafts and traditional materials conjure up the elegance of a bygone era.
The perfect blend of traditional beauty and modern comfort with impeccable hospitality and a relaxed feel, the six elegantly-designed bedrooms are all unique and make a statement with locally-sourced furnishings and colourful wallpaper inspired by Amber Fort. The splendid Sky Amber Roof Terrace offers far-reaching views of the magnificent Amber Fort. This heritage haveli in Jaipur is also brilliant for a big event with the option of hiring the entire property.
Set in Jaipur’s most unique location, Surya Haveli lies off the beaten track – yet still at the heart of the action. Overlooking Amber’s main square, fruit and vegetable stalls, textiles houses and a market bursting with life are all on the haveli’s doorstep. This means guests can be fully immersed in local life whilst enjoying the mesmerising views. The sounds of Amber absorb guests further in the ‘real India’ with the Azan (call to prayer) from the nearby mosque. The bells from the Fort’s temple add to the magic.
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Amber Fort is only a stone’s throw away from the haveli. One of India’s most spectacular forts, this architectural wonder’s fairy-tale grandeur is a feast for the eyes with ancient ramparts, temples and stunning frescos. There is also a plethora of excellent hikes with breath-taking views. Maota Lake (the Fort’s main water source) is a fantastic place to visit, too. Offering the best of both worlds, the enthralling splendours of Jaipur City, India’s most colourful state, are also just a short drive away.
Surya Haveli’s uniqueness spills over into the amazing experiences they offer. During the day, guests can enjoy fascinating locally-led walking tours, exploring ancient havelis, temples and the block-print museum or see a ‘hidden’ Jaipur known only to locals. Then, as the sun nears the horizon, and the last of the day trippers leave Amber Fort, guests can stargaze and relax on Surya Haveli’s Sky Amber Roof Terrace while savouring the heritage hotel’s hospitality and beguiling beauty of Amber Fort. Balcony alcoves and other secret spots throughout the haveli offer lovely intimate dining spots.

Jaipur’s Heritage Hotel Near Amber Fort

A home away from home, Surya Haveli is fast becoming the name on everyone’s lip. A haven from which to explore the vibrant old Amber Fort in all its glory, watch grand elephants meandering through the town and visit the walled city and beyond. An oasis, infused with old world charm, in the middle of the hustle and bustle. A secluded getaway and the best luxury hotel in Jaipur.
Surya Haveli is one of the most beautiful and luxurious heritage hotels in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The hotel has been individually designed and decorated by renowned interior designer Adil Ahmad. His concept and design of the interiors reflect the color and culture of Rajasthan, alongside custom-made and locally-sourced furniture. The result is a stunning and unique hotel that guests will love to stay in. Read More